WATO TALENTS PROMOTION PROJECT: Aims at developing women’s Talents, as well as the youth. Your innate abilities or aptitudes make you stand apart from others by making more effective and more successful and happy. They will also help you uncover the important objectives of life while making you feel victorious in all the affairs of your daily life that you deal with. When an adolescent is able to understand themselves, they will be better prepared to communicate and at the same time, they will be able to elicit support from others, and win their understanding. … Decision making is a skill that can help an adolescent deal constructively with decisions about their lives.

Immunization is a simple and effective way of protecting children from serious diseases. It not only helps protect individuals, it also protects the broader community by minimizing the spread of disease. Vaccines work by triggering the immune system to fight against certain diseases. Vitamins like A, C, D and E are staples in our children’s multis, and each of them is so important for supporting immune health all year long. * Multivitamins can contribute to antioxidant health, and help keep your child’s immune system healthy and fortified. WATO INTERNATIONAL in partnership with Vitamin Angels, give out multivitamins to children under age of 8 years, in order to boost their immune system, across the country.