was launched with an aim to reach out to the poor communities that are mostly affected by total Lockdown due to Covid19 in Uganda, communities affected by natural disasters like Floods, Landslides, River Flooding and intense poverty, with food relief, medical support and other basics like cloths, soap.


To improve lives and winning Souls for CHRIST

To give HOPE to the poor communities

To save lives and improve health and Hygiene.


The second wave of Covid19 in Uganda has not only made children orphans, but has also killed many prominent figures in Uganda. Uganda is among the poorest countries in the World, with the majority of 85% of the citizens who earn less than a dollar per day. Besides having the poorest health system and the increasing numbers of deaths each day due to the second wave of COVID 19, the prior total lockdown of this second wave and the concurrent partial lockdown of this second wave as a measure to reduce on the rapid spread of the virus has led to the fail and closure of most businesses, joblessness and intense poverty hence starvation among poor families and the thousands of people living in slums areas. This project aims at reaching out to a number of 5,000 people with food and other basic, with a budget of $500000 USD. In Uganda eating one meal a day is considered a blessed family, and for this reason $100 USD can feed a family of 5 for 30 days. In order to reach our goal we need more financial support, and your gift can save a poor family from starvation and other multi-nutritional problems. In order to send your gift you can Email us at office@watoug.org, or contact us on +256786399384 (WHATSAPP)/ +1858 254 4774 USA LINE.