WATO INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZAION UGANDA is an organization with an aim to reach out to the women and other penurious groups for their Spiritual, social-economic emancipation.

Around the Globe, women have always been viewed as inferior to men, thus leading to increased gender based violence at all levels, that is to say, community level, home and places of work. Gender based violence has been so much influenced by the negative attitude of men towards women, thus inequality theories have been fueled by religious, Traditional and Cultural norms, which has also hindered women to get engaged in developmental activities.

Education is a human right for all children, and those who are not in school are being denied that right.
Furthermore, failure to access and complete a basic cycle of quality inclusive primary education
seriously limits future opportunities for children.

Uganda was one of the first African countries to introduce Universal Primary Education (UPE). Many
additional schools were built, teachers trained and tuition fees abolished. Nevertheless, nearly one in
twenty school age children have never enrolled in school, and Uganda has one of the highest
percentages of primary school dropouts in the world. Children who have never registered for school
remain invisible and so do the causes for their non-enrolment. These children, along with those who
drop out of school, are likely to be the most disadvantaged and hard to reach.